Karen SOTO & Adriana TORRES are the names of two artists that have found in accessories the instrument they need to express the way they feel about the outside world.

“Our idea is to put a bit of genius spark – or to create art – in each one of our designs; this is why we dare to use details and unique combinations, because in our creations, as in art, everything is allowed.”

Their pieces has been made from articles of clothing that were used in the past; a dress, a skirt, perhaps, a shirt that lived in the 60´s, 70´s or 80´s, that danced to the music of that period and has carried with it thousands of wonderful memories.

Today, using the laws of alchemy, SOTO&TORRES are inspired in pieces that established an important style in the history of fashion, mixing new textures and colors and achieving the fresh and modern look that today’s women demand. This is why each piece of the collection Vintage Remake is absolutely unique.

Everything that has been made with love and dedication gets better with age, because the experience has taught it the mechanics of the world.