Heed the Spring Calling with a Wooden Handle Handbag


When it comes to handbags, details are key. True fashionphiles know that style is not about screaming labels, or ostentatious add-ons. They choose to go for understated elegance and functionality in their lifestyles, from their furniture, to their dresses, and down to their bags.


Storied designs and sturdy add-ons comprise the luxurious make of a top of the line handbag. And these are the things that you get when you reach for a high end wooden handle handbag or purse from SOTO & TORRES.


Our Inspiration

SOTO & TORRES is a New York-based company that thrives on the rich treasures of the past. The brand creates unique and beautiful handbags from the fabric of vintage dresses. Their designers search high and low all over the streets of New York to find quality, gorgeous materials that will go into each bag.


The bag’s recycled materials are set apart by their colors, prints, and textures.  But moreover, each fabric holds a different story from the stylish women who first wore them. The very dresses are the legacy of these illustrious figures. The fabrics, revived as our bag materials, also serve as lasting impressions of fashion’s enduring quality: of how trends in the past can still be reworked into something fresh and innovative for the present.


Behind Every Bag

The perfect mix of high and low can be found on each of our Made in New York handbags.  Aside from the beautiful vintage fabric featured in the bag’s body, its hardware and labels represent a quiet sort of luxury.


The wooden handles are carefully crafted and polished to be strong yet comfortable. They are held in place and attached to the rest of the bag by genuine leather patches. The bags are trimmed and lined with a dark fabric that enhances the artwork featured on the bag’s vintage fabric. Thoughtful details like internal pockets (one with a zipper) are also included.


The SOTO & TORRES logo is stamped on a burnished golden plate, handcrafted by a New York-based  goldsmith. All these elements come together to create a high-end bag that is timeless and useable.


Bring It Along

Spring is the favorite season of SOTO & TORRES. Many of the brand’s designs are inspired by the flowers that come out on the first days of spring. From bright corals, to turquoise, and yellow, our hand bags are reminiscent of bright blooms, the blue sky, or rainbow cocktails.


The brand is also inspired by spring’s message of rebirth and rejuvenation. It is when life comes forth, when everything is awash with color and light. Happiness permeates the air, and people are in high spirits after a long and dreary winter spell. The long, hot days are perfect for planning get-togethers and adventures with your friends and family. And there’s nothing like dressing up and choosing bright, nature-inspired accessories to heighten the feeling of celebration and fun.


A beautiful wooden handle handbag or purse is your best bet for this season. Our handbags come in sizes and designs which would make it the perfect carry-on to a picnic or an evening event. Choose a SOTO and TORRES top of the line handbag, and carry the happiness of spring with you wherever you go.

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